About us

The Northern Charitable Foundation (NCF) is a tax deductible 501 C3 non- profit organization. It was founded in 2007 by Jacqueline Fried and Alexander & Rosa Dembitzer. All funds are donated by its founders, friends and business associates who are our partners in our service to society by helping those in need.


The NCF’s mission is improving the quality of people’s lives and helping disadvantaged groups primarily in the United States and Israel. To achieve its mission, we establish and support programs in the realm of public health in areas of hereditary cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and physical disabilities. The NCF is committed to providing resources to improve and protect the health and the lives of people with medical needs. Our efforts are concentrated on creating new programs for the communities through partnerships with established top-rated organizations.

All proceeds are donated to established charities in which the founders of NCF have a strong interest, passion and connection. The founders are proactive in monitoring the utilization of funds and the progress of projects in order to reach the desired goals. Personal involvement is what distinguishes our Foundation and sets it apart from others. Every one of the founders is actively involved in a project and has been instrumental in its development. Every project has been selected based on personal experiences from the founders. We carefully evaluate the impact and progress of our projects and believe in transparency for our donors. We great pride and joy we can report to our donors that our projects have made a large social impact and created many new services and programs for the sick and needy. All money donated goes directly to the projects, there is no overhead taken since the founders manage the foundation.


NCF forms strategic alliances with established institutions that share our missions and values to establish innovative programs in the public health field. In collaboration with these institutions we strive to raise awareness, educate and empower the community. Through our partner institutions we support strong advocacy to change public policy in the field of hereditary cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Foundation follows a proven 4 step strategy for our programs: Plan, Implement, Monitor and Improve.


High Quality of our programs: our programs are of the highest quality and benefit the most number of people without discrimination.
Responsibility and Accountability: we are responsible for efficient use and distribution of our funds.
Integrity: we work in a fair, trustworthy and honest manner.
Leadership: we collaborate with leading institutions to build a better tomorrow.
Transparency: we are committed to full transparency.



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